Marketing Your Restaurant

If you are not initiated into restaurant marketing, you might find it daunting the first time around. Well, it doesn’t have to be! Marketing your restaurant is easy as sending emails or hosting wine tasting events and much more. Here are some useful restaurant marketing ideas you can try out.

Press Releases

Getting good press for your restaurant might seem out of your control, but it’s doable. There are many ways you can spread the word about your restaurant in the local media. Start by writing press releases to keep your business in the public eye for an extended period. For instance, if you are introducing a new exciting dish or changing a few things in the restaurant, you should get a press release out there and remind your customers why your restaurant is worth a trip.


Many people search online for places to eat and relax. If you don’t have a website for your restaurant, it’s time to create one. Hire a good website designer as well as SEO expert to ensure that your site is visible on the internet. If you have a dormant website, you should update the content, change the current SEO and perform numerous tweaks to make the site relevant.

For instance, you can add responsive web design to make sure the site is mobile friendly. That way, any users visiting your site from mobile devices can have access to any information such as working hours, the menu, orders and everything else regarding your restaurant.

New Menu

The merchandising tool of any restaurant is the menu. If your menu is outdated, boring or ugly, customers will not appreciate coming to your restaurant. Redesign the menu every once in a while by adding fresh new items. If necessary, you can hire a new chef to bring new ideas to the kitchen. Don’t forget to market the new menu thus attracting new customers.

Frequency Marketing

If you have regular customers in your restaurant, don’t underestimate their purpose. Remember, they contribute to at least a third of your overall revenue. Even better, they can market your business using referrals or word of mouth. That’s why you need to increase the number of regular customers in your restaurant. With more regular customers, new people are getting word about your restaurant without any money coming from your pockets.

Hosting Events

Keep your restaurant relevant by hosting events now and then. For instance, you can rent out space for business meetings, private parties, wine tastings, menu tastings, music shows, comedy events, community gatherings and many more events. Doing this will attract new customers and give the regulars a few reasons to keep coming back.

Marketing The Delivery Service And Take-Out

If nobody knows about your take-out or delivery service, it’s of no benefit to you. That’s why you need to market these services to attract more customers. You can promote using flyers, your website, delivery menus and numerous other methods.

Email Marketing

Compared to the marketing advice mentioned above, email marketing is cheaper, faster and more efficient. However, you need to get people’s emails in the area to successfully market using emails. If possible, you can have a feedback signing book. That way, any walk-ins or regular customers can leave their contacts and emails to make your email marketing strategies easier.


There is nothing more enticing than free or almost free food. If you want to get more customers, introduce discount programs on particular days where customers can get double the food for the same price.

Try any of these marketing tips for your restaurant for the best results!